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Bulletin Announcements

June 12, 2005 through June 18, 2005

Our Prayers continue for:
Arnie Bailey, Corrine Barry, Richard Carbert, Phil Cook, Dove Darling, Steve Dreyer, Rev. Milton Haack, Petrina Haack, Laura Kane, Kay Looking Elk, Frieda Miller, Gertrude Petersen, Irene Sasse, Delores Schoeben, Mavis Ulvog, Kathleen Walker, Elery Cypher, James Fair, Lorraine Karkela, George Keck, Alice Kubik, Becky Taylor, Becky Williams, Flora Whitfield, David Wippich

Prepare for Worship next Sunday by reading: Jeremiah 20:7-13; Romans 5:12-15; Matthew 10:24-33

A Brief Voter's Meeting will take place following the service onHTTP/1.1 100 Continue June 26th.

Coffee Hours for today 6/12 and next Sunday 6/19 will be used to buy supplies for painting the garage.

Our Condolences
 - To the family of Laurena Krabbenhoft. We celebrated her "home-going" and "personal Easter" on Friday, June 3rd. Laurena had been living in Arizona since 1992, but continued to be a member of Trinity First. She ha recently celebrated her 100th birthday.

- To the family of Elise Litvany. Elise passed into Glory on her 103rd birthday - June 7th. Her "home-going" was celebrated this past Friday at St. Peter Lutheran Church in Edina, where her daughter is a teacher and a member. Elise was a member at Trinity First since 1933. She taught at our school for two years.

 - Charles Gaye, our Liberian Deacon at Grace, Brooklyn Park, suffered the loss of his youngest brother who died Saturday, May 28 in Liberia. Charles' brother contracted food poisoning approximately two weeks ago. Charles sent money for medical treatment. His brother was admitted to the hospital and died there. The funeral is this coming Saturday in Liberia. Charles was not able to attend but wishes our prayers. His brother was a Christian so we comfort ourselves with Jesus' promise, "I am the resurrection and the life. He who believes in me, though he were dead, yet shall he live. And whoever lives and believes in Me shall never die." ~John 11:25-26.

Sunday Night Ministry is moving to Sunday Afternoon! Our first activity is really exciting. Do you have an artistic flare? Do you like to paint?  We're going to transform the garage facing Franklin into colorful murals that will capture the spirit of our "all nations" ministry and help put us on the map! It will take about 8 weeks, working Sundays from 1pm to 3pm. Interested? Meet on June 5 at 1pm to organize our efforts. this is not just for kids! Adults are needed too! For more information, please see: Steve, Teddy, Kay, Charles, Jeanne, Ruth or Pastor Jacob.

We Had a Very Successful 1st Garage Sale on Saturday, June 4th!
The neighborhood people came to look, bargain and buy! Thanks to wonderful cooperation with Trinity First members and surrounding congregations, we could offer a large variety of furniture, household goods, etc. God's special blessings to the following helpers: Joan Pobul, Marge Bratsch, Gloria Groenke, Katherine & Hank Doepke, Ellen & Arville Kay, Steve Dreyer, Rev Jacob & Michelle & Amelia Gillard, Ruth Meier (St. Michales), Val Kuhlman (St. Peters), Derek Wippich and Terri & Todd Bentz.
A special Big Thank You to Olaf Ulvog who worked 16+ hours helping me prepare for our guests from many Nations who came to our Outreach Ministry event.

Get Ready For National "Help Your Pastor Re-Model His New House" Month!
The house that Pastor Jacob and Michelle are purchasing was used as a rental property - and it looks like it!  Every floor (except tile in the bathrooms) need to be torn out and replaced. Toward the end, lots of hands will be needed for general cleaning. pastor Jacob is anxious to get the remodeling done as quickly as possible so he can tackle the real work: the ministry of the Gospel! So, he welcomes help. Major work weekends will be: June 17-18 (tentatively painting) and 24-25 (tentatively flooring). Pastor Jacob will also be working most weekdays in between, so if  you're free just give a shout. We are not working on Sunday because that's the Lord's Day! God Bless You!

Greetings From Canada! ~ from Marcus Huff
So many of you have been asking about contact information for me while I do my internship in Parksville, British Columbia. I'm sitting on the ferry right now and awaiting departure to Vancouver Island.

Let me tell you about my trip. It was a long week to be hanging out with one's self. I left on Sunday and am just now getting to Parksville today (Saturday). I have traveled about 2800 miles! I hit a deer in Idaho and then was rear-ended the following day in Seattle by a Land Rover. I think that if you look at the front of my car you will find more insects there than in any museum that you have visited. My car is in dire need of a carwash. Along my travels I saw friends in St. Paul, and more in South Dakota, the badlands, Mt. Rushmore, Devils Tower, the Gorge Amphitheatre, along with the Pike Peak Market in Seattle, the Space Needle, and Mt. Rainer from a distance. It was definitely a crazy busy week of driving and seeing so many new things.

I will try to periodically send out updates during my internship to share with you my experiences, the things I am learning, and prayer request also. I would love to hear from you all so don't be afraid to email me whenever or even asking me to call you. I pray that you are all having a great beginning to your summer and that it continues to get better.

A Bona Fide Miracle - to the Glory of God!
Dear Friends, I just wanted to inform you that it is now 9 days since Zerihun Tsegaye a group leader for the Ethiopian congregation in Sioux Falls was discharged from the hospital. He has continued to be stronger and healthier every day since. Our good Lord has miraculously healed him. We prayed for a miraculous healing knowing his sickness was very serious and he had very little chance of recovery. The Lord has granted that miraculous healing and we have no words that can express our praise and gratitude. Thank you very much for joining us in prayer. Let His name be glorified now and for evermore. - Yours in His service, Francis Stephanos Beko.

LCMS World Mission Volunteer and Career Missionaries will be trained during two weeks for their overseas service by the Oswald Hoffmann School of Christian Outreach at Concordia University, June 12-25. You are invited to meet, greet, and worship with LCMS World Mission Staff, OHSCO Faculty and Staff, and 50 LCMS Missionaries in  the CSP Chapel at their Opening Service, June 12 at 6pm. Also at their closing Commissioning Service June 23 at 6pm. Executive Director of World Mission, Rev. Robert Roegner will be preaching at the closing service as well as assisting at the opening service. After both services, there will be a time for fellowship. Please come and pray with and for the missionaries as they begin their overseas mission work for the church and God's mission.

LAMB Hospital Bangladesh Mission Speaker June 21 at the World Mission Prayer League, 232 Clifton Avenue, Minneapolis. Potluck at 6pm, Presentation at 7pm.

WMPL welcomes LAMB Executive Director Mark Pietroni to the Twin Cities this summer, and the Prayer League fellowship for "Challenge Night" on June 21st. Drs. Mark and Teresa Pietroni serve on loan to LAMB through InterServe/UK. They are the parents of three young daughters: Katy (9), Lucy (7) and Eleanor (3).

Lutheran Aid to Medicine in Bangladesh began in 1979 with an outpatient clinic and mobile clinics in several villages. The community health division expanded gradually. Then, in October 1983, a 50-bed hospital opened. Today LAMB is an Integrated Rural Health & Development Project reaching out to thousands of needy people in northern Bangladesh. It is also a well-known and highly-respected training center. Please join us on June 21st to meet Mark and hear the latest news and developments from LAMB.

Lutheran Special Education Ministries enables children with special learning needs to receive a Christian education. Do you have time to volunteer in a special education classroom listening to a child read or helping with math? If you have a heart for children and the time to help, please contact Michelle Melde at Trinity First, 612-871-2353

Please Consider bringing in some flowers from your garden for all to enjoy! Flowers beautify our sanctuary and remind us of God's creation. The sign up sheet is in the narthex. Please call the church office if you would like to recognize a special occasion with your flowers and it can be printed in the bulletin.

Hymnal Repair - if you see a hymnal in church that is in need of some repair, please give it to Bea Haagenson.

Sign-Up Sheets to provide flowers for the sanctuary or bulletin folders ($7.95 per week) are on the bulletin board in the Narthex. It's a great way to honor a special person or occasion!

Portals of Prayer for July-September are available in the Narthex. Suggested donation is $1. What a great way to spend time with God and your family.

Campbell's Soup Labels - As the weather becomes colder and you add more hot dishes to your menus, please keep in mind that Lutheran Special Education Ministries can benefit from Campbell's soup labels - and labels from other Campbell's products as well. The ministry sends the labels to Campbell's and exchanges them for classroom equipment and materials which will benefit us at Trinity First. For information on how you can help with this project, please contact Michelle Melde at school, or Dennis Senne at 651-603-6345.

Help Our School by using your Target Guest Card and Target's Take Charge of Education program. Recently, Trinity First Lutheran School received a check in the amount of $301.69! You can sign up to help earn money for our school by calling 1-800-316-6142.

Bible Study Opportunities -
  8:30 A.M. - Sun - Norm Gallup leader
11:00 A.M. - Sun -  Bible Class
  9:15 A.M. - Wed - Prayer Circle / Bible Class

Attendance   June 5 : Sunday Morning - 68    Sunday Night - canceled

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